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Fast and Cost-Effective Compressor Map Generation with Cloud-Based CFD

Cloud computing opens up exciting new possibilities for turbomachinery aero design. With the ability to “rent” CFD capacity on demand, you'll be able to carry out aero analysis without limits and pay only for what you use.

This has a profound impact on design speed and cost.  To crystallize the possibilities, we invite you to download the white paper, "Fast and Cost-Effective Compressor Map Generation Using Cloud-Based CFD Simulation”.

You’ll learn how massive CFD capacity can be applied to compress core aero analysis tasks without the need for large investment. In particular, we’ll explore the generation of a single stage compressor map using a service called Cloud Leo. You’ll see how Cloud Leo simulates five initial operating points and automatically generates speedlines from those points for unattended operation. You’ll see how the service dynamically provisions a 240-core cluster in Amazon Web Services to compress turnaround time. More importantly, you’ll see how the resulting 39-point compressor map is produced in 2.5 hours for under $600.

Simply put, cloud-based CFD offers a tremendous opportunity to improve design robustness and agility without breaking the bank.

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